How it Works

To get back your lost or forgotten VBA password, you need to follow stepwise process mentioned below:

Step 1

Download VBA Password Recovery software » Open it VBA Password Recovery software

1.1 First, Go to Start » Programs » VBA Password Recovery, Open VBA Password Recovery As Follows. Next, select MS Office documents having VBA Projects (MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, MS Outlook, and MS PowerPoint). Now, click Browse button to select the VBA project file as shown below when completing VBA Password Recovery Software:

Step 2

After you click on Browse button, software will show an Open as shown below. Browse and select the file having VBA Projects protected with password. Now, choose the VBA Project Files and click Open button

Step 3

Now, Please make sure you select Password Protected Access Database file. After choosing the Password Protected MS Office Files (MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Word & MS Outlook), VBA Password Recovery program will show the new password.