VBA Excel Password Recovery Tool For All Excel Versions

A Tool to Recover & Unlock The Source Code Password of Excel VBA File

  • Remove Excel document VBA password
  • Supports all extensions of Excel file like:xls, xlsm, xla, xlam, etc
  • Eliminate old password and generate a new Excel VBA passwor
  • Supports recovery of multilingual Excel VBA file password
  • Supports all MS Excel versions: 2013, 2010, and below versions



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VBA Password Recovery

Unlock VBA Project Password For All Excel 2013/2010/2007/2003/2000 Files

Using VBA Excel Password recovery Tool users can successfully remove lost password of the VBA project source code. If you have forgotten the VBA project password of your own Excel or want to access any other Excel VBA password protected file, then use VBA Excel Password remover Tool. After using this software you will be able to see a newly generated password to regain access to the project source code. VBA Excel Password Unlocker tool removes the old password from VBA code of excel files and generates a new password. You can see this password at the end of the process on the bottom of your screen. It can be used for unlocking the respective VBA project file. Further, if you want, you can manually change it accordingly.


To remove password from Excel VBA project, get our VBA Excel password remover software for its extensive support and guaranteed results. If you want to unlock Excel VBA password, then get on with this cost-efficient solution that offers:

  • Ease of use for everyone
  • 100% security of document data
  • 24X7X365 online software & technical support

VBA Excel Password Remover: Deal With Multilingual & Lengthy Passwords

Excel VBA password remover software is designed with advanced techniques & supports any length of VBA password created using Visual Basic Application program. If you have any Excel file with a lengthy password, then also VBA Excel password remover will recover it in no time. Coming over to multilingual password, the source code passwords created using a combination of multiple characters, symbols, digits along with alphabets form into a multilingual password. Such passwords can be recovered using Excel VBA password removed from the source code of your project even if they have a lengthy character count.

After recovery,the tool automatically generates a new password. Thus, VBA Excel password Recovery tool, not only allows you to remove the password from VBA file, but also generates a new password for additional security.

Problem During Non-availability of Excel VBA Password

The most complex situation takes place in the absence of Excel VBA password. Some of the commonplace situations that take place due to the unavailability of Excel VBA passwords are as follows:

  • When users use an extended length of characters for Excel VBA password for security purpose and unfortunately forget it despite of applying best efforts to recall it. However, using the password recovery tool makes such situation stable by helping you recover forgotten Excel VBA password and replacing it with a new one.
  • If the owner of the Excel VBA password is at unavailable, then the situation automatically calls for the recovery of passwords. To decrease further complications, you can avail professional VBA Excel Password protect with capacity to recover lost Excel VBA password.
  • You have noted down the Excel VBA password in notepad which you somehow lost. At any cost, now you wanted to avail the lost VBA password. And for those of you looking for a reliable way to get back the password, investing in a commercial tool is the best option.

Get A Commercial Key for VBA Excel Password Unlocker

A user can conveniently download the VBA Excel Password protect application licensed version.This application is designed to save the investment of extra time and money thus, the tool is provided at a pocket friendly price. With this reasonably priced, reliable application you can recover any type of password applied on the Excel VBA Source Code without the need of technical proficiency.


System Requirements Of VBA Password Remover Tool

Support: Windows 8.1 & all BelowEditions.

Processor: 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

RAM: 512 MB of RAM (1 GB is recommended)



Can I import multiple Excel file for VBA password recovery at a time or not??

"I have applied the same password on the source code of all four Excel VBA projects that I have. Can I recover the password for all at once?"

No, the software only supports processing one file at a time. However, note that you can remove multiple Excel file VBA password one by one.

What is the limitation of VBA Excel password Recovery tool Demo?

"I am planning to try the demo version of the software. What sort of limitations are associated with it?"

The freeware demo version of the software will recover the password, but will only display the first two characters of the newly generated password as part of the trial limitation.

Is it possible to get back the old password after recovery?

"I wanted to have my old password back and not replace it with a new one. Is it possible to do so?"

No, you cannot recover the old password as the software removes it and generates a new password instead, as part of the recovery process. Note that this software generated password can further be changed as per your wish.

Does VBA Excel password recovery tool work on corrupted projects too?

"I was unable to access my Excel VBA project source code as I had lost the password. Later I realized that the entire document turned inaccessible due to corruption. Can I still process it for password recovery?"

No, the software is only meant for recovering the password of VBA project source code. You cannot process a corrupt document for password recovery.

How much time will it take to remove Excel VBA project password?

"I have an Excel document with over 10 sheets in it. However, the password for its source code is not available. How much time is required to recover it?"

The software instantly removes the old password and replaces it with a new one without taking much time.