vba project password breaker

VBA Password Recovery Tool

Tool to Recover Passwords from Protected VBA Files

  • Unlock passwords from single VBA project
  • Supports all MS Office Files: .doc, .dot, .xls, .xla, .mdb file type
  • Crack password of any length from any type of VBA file
  • Eliminate older password and generate a newer VBA file password
  • Supports all Microsoft Office versions like: 2007, 2003, XP, 2000, 97

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VBA Password Remover Software to Get Access on Protected Data


Elimination of Lost or Forgotten Password

With the help of this advanced utility, users can effectively eliminate lost passwords from VBA project files. It is possible that users have forgotten their MS Excel spreadsheet VBA password, or sometimes users want to access another password-protected file. In both scenarios, users can opt for this tool.


Generation of New Password Automatically

In the case of the loss of the MS Word VBA file password, users can create a new password via this VBA password reset software. This application not only allows users to unlock password protected VBA macro files, but also generates a new password.


Recover VBA Password of Any Length

The VBA password cracker tool is designed with advanced algorithms and supports the removal of VBA project passwords regardless of their length in an easy way. This means passwords of any length, which are composed of various combinations, as well as very long ones, are smoothly recoverable.


Reset Any kind VBA File Password

It does not matter that it is MS Access, Excel, Word, PorwePoint file, this application can break password of any file from source code. These files are used by the VBA application to create projects and can include.xls,.xla,.doc, and so on. The tool will erase the previous password and set a fresh password for the file.


Multilingual VBA Password Recovery

The VBA password unlocker utility has the potential to even crack the multilingual source code passwords. This means it can bypass VBA macro passwords made up of symbols and alphabets as well. In short, a password is made up of any alphabet, symbol, character, number, etc.


Show Complete Recovery Details

One of the best features of this tool is that after the VBA file is browsed and the password is removed, the tool will provide the complete recovery details of the process. This detail consists of the entire procedure pursued by the software in resetting the VBA project password and setting a new password.

Screenshots to Remove VBA Password from Protected Files

Watch How to Recover VBA Password from Protected Files

Demo Version » VBA Password Recovery Utility

VBA password breaker software can be yours at a low cost with a personal, business or enterprise license. You can easily unlock your limitless number of protected VBA files without any loss. So speed up and restore your protected VBA passwords from this device.


The freeware edition of the VBA password unlocker solution lets users restore lost security codes and learn how to bypass VBA passwords when protected VBA passwords are lost. The Demo can generate the first two characters of your password.

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To avail all the characters of the new VBA password, buy a perpetual licence of the VBA password remover tool as soon as possible to open data stored in Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, etc. which you might need for various purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the software only supports processing one file at a time. However, note that you can remove multiple VBA files password one by one.
The freeware version of the software will recover the password, but will only display the first two characters of the newly generated password as part of the trial limitation.
No, you cannot recover the old password as the solution removes it and generates a new password instead, as part of the recovery process. Note that this utility generated password can further be changed as per your wish.
No, the tool is only meant for recovering the password of VBA file source code. You cannot process a corrupt document for password recovery.
The software instantly removes the old password and replaces it with a new one without taking much time.

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